Suzanne York

Salutogenic Advocate

"You Don’t Have to Feel That Way Any More"

We Weren’t Sick But We Weren’t Healthy, Either

Over the last decade, my family faced a series of health challenges, from medical issues to behavioral struggles, that led to a maze of appointments and treatments.

Ultimately, we reached the limits of modern medicine since our cases were not life threatening. But, we still weren’t experiencing full health.

I knew there had to be more and it sparked a passion in me to find ways to take control of our own experience.

Dysregulation Had Become Our Norm

Our journey opened my eyes to the ways modern life and technology had disconnected us from our natural ability to thrive. Living in a constant state of stress and overwhelm wasn’t how life was meant to be. I became determined to find a better path, one that allowed us to become regulated in a dysregulating world.

We Redefined Our Health with Salutogenisis

Taking matters into my own hands, I explored a mix of traditional medical treatments and alternative approaches that tapped into our body’s innate healing. It was through this exploration that I discovered salutogenesis which focuses on ways to promote health, not just prevent disease. Now, I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned. I bridge the gap between conventional medicine and holistic wellness in pursuit of a life filled with vitality and well-being.

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